The Indescribable Shape of Effort

There is something you should do.
Your body knows.  To do the thing you

should be able.  You reach forward, back and through
every dimension you  know.  Being the pony in the sun

isn’t  as easy as it looks.  The grass comes up pinched and jagged
and time is running across the ridges of the mountaintops that turn to gold

when the aspen turns in early fall.  Even though you are always last,
you try the best and there is still that something you should

be able.  Your body knows, to do the thing you should be.  Running
is not like any other thing and neither is high desert,

or fantasy, or the blade of you
that will not obey.  Stick to the thing you know
or don’t,

but don’t forget  the thing.  Your body.
To do. To do. To do.