Afternoon Suite

Rain hyperventilates against metal mesh
in a cellar full of noise with numb aspirations’
amazing rerun sequence and there to find our release:
side driveway an engine guns to reach mercy
and grind, stairs above creak and mildew the floorboards
your jeans pulled down skin is white
as our membrane flat cell in sky at night, as fear
something drawn pockmarked from soil
deep to shocking half-light and freckled
with shadow and vein throb and sink. We have Lou Reed
teaching us tranquility, Lou Reed teach methamphetamine.
Roll over on your stomach lie down
the basement always dark is night now:
a side table scatter of magazine and Technics
stereo receiver green red orange fingers
of light fidelity distribution of grace
and guilt for I believe in God and God in unison
coming down in black and grey librium
to take the edge off appetite that will not  free me.
Ripe, imperishable to fall. How the mind crooks
in distillation of your power to bless to doom.
1979 many good years compress into one
good trauma your friend moreover you love
who leaves the afternoon its autobiography
of mica, distortion and put it in the sleeve dammit
don’t scratch the concluding note of satisfaction
for Hail Mary I’m almost done can you stop
crying can you be quiet now there’s no one
to tell anyway you cut them off like microphone
cord he holds as rope, black lipstick and stare, Hallelujah
you can stop stop and return to marking time
to edit with felt tip or razor and at the table
later salad and tomatoes, siblings, plate with steak
and manners that man stare you down
who stares you down into middling and toxicology
report to turn in tomorrow by Friday within 48 hours