Dear Muh,

Dreaming, 1979

I saw you
your red heels slicing night
on the Ave. next to Johnny’s pastrami stand

I saw you
struttin’ over slick pavement
your white dress faded
threads running down its side

and you soared under the street lights
rising above Crenshaw
them beams got you on spotlight Muh
your arms held high and open
as if you were waiting for some knight to swoop you up

help you flow to a time
where you sat innocent in front of a television chewing on buttered popcorn
all the while giggling
your tight ponytail at rest between your shoulder blades

but this image fades
my dream cuts back to night
where you are sprawled out on some dirty motel bed
a drug dealer’s prize

I saw you walking the Ave.
tell me I’m dreaming

wake me
won’t you
wake me