A Holy Surrender

For Mary

Think brushfire in a gazebo,
                Mother Mary shedding what seems
        to be truth, an absolute
                      answer to questions that
        have sparked an interest in her
for years.

Perhaps, the bigger picture is mobile, steady
                      and traveling and skirting its way
                                             across every kid on campus.
This one girl is laughing, another is
                      Shaking her dark mane of hair,
                                             Smoking a Marlboro Red.
She is on fire and I
Want to be on fire, too.

Anything to avoid the frost.
                Locals say the campus it coldest when November
                      Chills the bone, stays close to our chest
                But nothing can be worse than
                         Watching a group
                                             huddle together,
one cigarette passing between all
Six of them.
            I wonder if there‚Äôs room for one more.