Robin Smith

Robin Smith Inspired by the hit computer game Frogger, Robin wrote her first poem in the third grade, cleverly rhyming froggie with loggie. Now, that she is in the seventeenth grade, she is majorly influenced by the works of Frank O’Hara, Jane Kenyon, John Keats, and Rainer Rilke, among others. Her work is best described as a stunning hybrid of lyrical and narrative components with an intertwining of tangible yet fantastical imagery and vivid metaphors. Robin is currently attending the CSUN graduate program and is studying English with an emphasis on poetry. She has had several of her poems published in the Northridge review, and she has received the Academy of American Poets Prize for her poem “Blue into Blue.” Robin is living happily ever after in a fairy tale cottage nestled in the hills of Echo Park with her tabby cat, Bean.