Ashlyn Morse

Ashlyn Morse I am currently teaching a summer’s worth of high school chemistry at CSUN through a program called Upward Bound. Hopefully, after one year of trying to do so illegally, I will finally (and legally!) get my hands on liquid nitrogen before the summer’s termination. Currently, I am enrolled in the Master’s Program for English at CSUN and although I’ve been rejected from its Creative Writing program once, I intend to apply again--perhaps there isn’t as much a market for a story in which a stem cell extraction goes wrong as one would hope? Regardless, I love writing at what Barthes would call the intersection of many crossroads; I am a watcher between the art of storytelling and of science. I have been published several times in the Northridge Review. I’ve made impure aspirin, and have only ever burned myself once with sulfuric acid. I’m a Virgo, I enjoy long walks on the beach, making polystyrene, and scaring the hell out of my boyfriend Sean by popping out of dimly lit corners.